FIFA 22 players call for changes to ‘unwanted’ Featured Team of the Week cards

Jude Bellingham in FIFA 22

EA looked to breathe new life into the regular Team of the Week lineups with featured players in FIFA 22. However, fans feel that this promising idea has been “poorly executed” so far.

The Team of the Week is one of the oldest traditions Ultimate Team has, appearing in every title as far back as FIFA 10.

In FIFA 22, EA gave the old faithful a small revamp by introducing Featured TOTW players for the first time.

But although fans felt that this new addition is a good idea, they think it could have been better implemented into the game.

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Featured Team of the Week FIFA 22

Featured TOTW players are EA’s attempt to make a usually low-rated in-form more viable against the top-rated meta cards. Partly to make their market value go up, and also to give FUT fans more options in each position.

In each TOTW, one player who would normally be less than 80-rated gets bumped up to an 84. The trend started with Ivan Toney in Week 1, while Jonas Hoffman got the nod most recently.

However, Reddit user GeorgeCuz posted saying that devs have been choosing the “wrong player” each week, making the Featured cards less exciting than they could be.

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He backed the statement up with a picture of the prices of each one so far, and none exceeded 20,000 coins. “Another thing that EA could’ve made great,” they said.

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The frustration seemed to be that in each Team of the Week, with the exception of a couple, there were more desirable players who were overlooked.

“Give us a Featured TOTW that we actually want, or don’t do it at all IMO,” replied one user. “I really don’t understand some of these picks,” said another.

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For example, in TOTW 5, EA chose Damian Suarez over Jude Bellingham who they used in the marketing for Featured TOTWs at the start of the year.

Bellingham plays at a big club in Borussia Dortmund and has English links, meaning he fits into many players’ squads. Whereas Suarez arguably has a sub-par card and only fits in Spanish league teams.

FIFA 22 Team of the Week 2

It wasn’t all negative, though, with some feeling that these players have great bridges between low-rated in-forms and meta cards.

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“They’ve picked some stinkers but they’ve had some good ones. Suarez was an awful pick but Tavernier, Clauss, David, are great cards,” argued one fan. “The point of the feature is to make lower-rated cards more usable, not to make them meta.

We’ll have to wait and see if EA changes its/ approach with Featured TOTW cards going forward. As more and more promo players enter the game, 84-rated in-forms will only lose their appeal.

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Image credits: EA