EA SPORTS FC 24 leak claims new “dynamic packs” will reward unlucky Ultimate Team players

FIFA 23 pack opening animation with Benzema

A new leak has claimed that EA SPORTS FC 24 Ultimate Team will feature “dynamic packs” to improve players’ chances of getting high-rated cards.

Following the announcement that EA SPORTS and FIFA have ended their licensing deal, the FIFA video game series will be rebranded as EA SPORTS FC from the 2023 release onwards.

Despite the name change, the devs have reassured players that key modes like Ultimate Team and Career Mode will remain intact, while rumors have also hinted that new features like a Women’s Ultimate Team could also arrive.

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Now, a new leak has claimed that EA SPORTS FC 24 will feature a new type of Ultimate Team pack that has improved weight depending on how lucky players have been.

In a tweet on March 26, FIFA leaker FUTZone said that the rebranded version of Ultimate Team will bring “dynamic packs,” which have more chance of containing top-tier cards if you’ve opened packs before and not received a high-rated player.

They provided an example of how the feature will work, explaining that if the pack normally has a 5% chance of getting a 90+ player, “after 15 packs you don’t pack a 90+ card, the percentage will increase.”

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Players will also reportedly be able to see the increased pack weight before they open them, as it will be marked with a percentage icon next to the pack.

This would be a drastic change to the Ultimate Team mode, as it means fans will be much more likely to be rewarded for opening packs regularly compared to FIFA 23.

Pack percentages are available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, but these are fixed and do not increase over time, so players can open dozens of packs without seeing a high-rated or special card.

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The leaker didn’t reveal if dynamic packs will appear as SBC and objective rewards, or if they will only apply to the store when fans purchase them with coins or premium currency.

Either way, fans are already extremely excited by the possibility of this new feature. “That’s f**king immense. That is unreal. If true that’s the biggest change, possibly ever,” said one player, replying to the original tweet.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is just a leak for now, as the devs are yet to officially reveal EA SPORTS FC 24 or any of the new additions that will appear in the game. We’ll be sure keep you updated with all the latest details as they’re announced.

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Image credit: EA SPORTS

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