EA finally nerfs FIFA 22’s overpowered finesse shots

Player using finesse shot in FIFA 22

Finesse shots have been extremely overpowered in the early weeks of FIFA 22, and players have been calling for a fix. Now, EA appears to have addressed the issue with some gameplay tweaks.

Football fans have been diving into FIFA 22 for another season of the Ultimate Team grind, and it’s proved to be a divisive one this time around.

While the inclusion of features like Hero cards have been a welcome addition, the lack of relegation in Division Rivals has left some players upset.

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However, it’s the finesse shots flying in from outside the box that has caused the most outrage. Thankfully, EA have now taken steps to nerf them.

Player taking a finesse shot in FIFA 22

For the first few weeks of this year’s game, finesse shots have been the go-to method of trying to break the deadlock.

The sheer number of times a game that players would cut in from the wing and score a finesse from 30-40 yards out was infuriating many fans.

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Cards with the finesse shot trait were particularly devasting, able to loop the ball over hopeless keepers into the top corner.

Thankfully, now that EA has pushed Update #1 live in-game, the feature has received a welcome nerf to make it far less effective.

The Pitch Notes for the latest update mention new animations that help goalkeepers keep out finesse shots going into the top corner.

From the notes that appear when you load up the game, we can also see the finesse shots have reduced accuracy when taken between around 50 feet and 150 feet away from the goal (around 16 to 50 yards).

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This last change came as part of the first Live Tuning update for FIFA 22, which allows devs to make gameplay tweaks without having to wait for a full update to roll them out.

Despite the supposed changes, some fans are claiming that little seems to have changed in their experiences since the updates went live.

One Reddit user claimed to have tested out the nerfed shots, and still managed to score to three inside 10 minutes of gameplay.

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Others posted simply stating that finesse shots weren’t fixed, and they didn’t notice any significant differences in how overpowered they are.

We’ll have to wait and see if finesse shots remain an issue in FUT this year and if devs will act to address them again in a later update.

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Image credits: EA