Best FIFA 23 camera settings for Ultimate Team

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FIFA 23 best camera settings

Utilizing the best camera settings in FIFA 23 is often overlooked by Ultimate Team players, but your vision of the pitch can make a major difference when attempting to secure important wins.

FIFA 23 refreshed EA’s classic football gameplay formula and delivered plenty of new Ultimate Team features. Utilizing the best strikers, midfielders, and center-backs is sure to give your Ultimate Team a boost in 2023, but you won’t want to ignore camera settings.

The default FIFA 23 camera settings are certainly not for everyone, and the less-than-ideal standard setup can be tweaked to improve your comfort. If you’re looking to maximize your chances at Ultimate Team success, then check out the best camera settings in FIFA 23.

Best FIFA 23 camera settings

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EA have set a default option when it comes to camera settings in FIFA 23. While the default settings will highlight how great the game looks from the grass details on the pitch to the fans in the stand, it won’t necessarily improve your gameplay.

In order to enhance your gameplay and tip the odds in your favor, you’ll want to go through these steps to implement the best camera settings in FIFA 23:

  1. Launch FIFA 23.
  2. Navigate to the Options menu.
  3. Visit the Camera tab.
  4. Switch both Single Player and Multiplayer Cameras to Tele Broadcast.
  5. Set Camera Height to a level between 10 and 17.
  6. Set Camera Zoom to zero.

Switching the Single Player Camera and Multiplayer Camera will automatically adjust your camera in online game modes like Ultimate Team, and offline modes like Career Mode. Tele Broadcast will provide the best look at the action on the pitch while allowing you to control your players with ease.

The Camera Height can be adjusted to fit your preference, but make sure you stay between 10 and 17 for the best FIFA 23 camera settings. It may take a few adjustments to figure out which height is best for you, so don’t be afraid to tinker with it.

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