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How to score penalties in FIFA 23: New composure mechanic explained

EA Sports have implemented various changes to gameplay in FIFA 23 and here’s how to score penalties using the new set piece system.



FIFA 23 how to score penalties

Set pieces will undergo a massive overhaul in FIFA 23 as EA Sports introduce a new way to dominate from the spot. Here’s how to make the most of your chances and score penalties in FIFA 23.

Most longtime FIFA fans would agree that set pieces were due for an overhaul after a few years of shoddy penalty mechanics. Thanks to a July 27 official gameplay reveal EA Sports confirmed that players would receive a ton of new features including a penalty overhaul in FIFA 23.

Penalties can be a nerve-wracking aspect in FIFA games with a lot on the line across all game modes, but in FIFA 23 it seems like the process of taking penalties will be simplified to provide a more rewarding experience.

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Changes to penalties in FIFA 23

EA have claimed that the new focus when taking penalties will be on the player’s composure: “the new penalty kicks will have a more intuitive system, but the key piece of the penalty kicks this year is a new circle-shaped composure bar.”

Just like in real life, FIFA 23 players with ice in their veins will have a better shot at putting away their chances when it matters most. The changes can be broken down into three aspects: aiming, power, and composure.

How to aim and score penalties in FIFA 23

You will be able to determine the level of power and accuracy of your penalty kick by using the composure ring. For starters, the composure ring will take into account the player’s composure rating.

Players with higher composure ratings will have a larger window to hit the ring’s sweet spot. You’ll be looking to shoot when the ring is at its smallest. If you mistime the shot while the ring is too big, you risk a poor penalty.

Like other iterations of FIFA, you’ll aim the direction of your kick with the left stick. In FIFA 23, EA Sports have removed the reticle as the precise placement of your shot will be decided by the timing of the composure ring. Of course, it will still be up to you to choose the general direction.

Here’s how to score penalties in FIFA 23:

  1. Watch the composure circle surrounding the ball
  2. When the circle is at its smallest, press shoot for maximum accuracy
  3. Use the left stick to direct the shot 

Luckily for players, it will no longer be necessary to maintain the stick in a precise position to produce an accurate shot. Instead, the shot’s directional quality will be determined by the power and timing of the composure ring.

This means that a player’s penalty and composure rating will go a long way in determining shot placement and power. Timed penalty finishes are also a thing of the past as EA confirmed they’d be removing the need to hit the shot button a second time.

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Image Credit: EA Sports