EA FC 24: How to develop players fast in Career Mode

Souhardya Choudhury
EA FC 24 Allegri

EA FC 24’s Career Mode provides plenty of methods to develop players and increase their ratings as it is important to nurture a rising talent or improve the skillset of a regular squad player. So here’s how to develop players fast in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

EA FC 24 is currently the most popular title in the football gaming community as it has brought several new features into the franchise. This includes Career Mode, which has received a makeover through the additions of tactical visions, specialist coaches, and more.

Coaches in Manager Career Mode can now be recruited to train your players. When paired with development plans, players will grow constantly. But this is far from the only way to develop players in Career Mode.

Here’s everything you need to know in order to develop players fast in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

How to develop players fast in EA FC 24 Career Mode

EA FC 24 Career Mode
You can hire coaches for your players in the Career Mode.

Hire coaches

You can develop your players through the brand-new training features added in the EA FC 24 Career Mode called Coach Management and Tactical Visions. Here you can assign various coaches depending on your budget on the basis of four major positions– Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, and Attacker.

Once you have determined your preferred coaches for these positions, they will speed up the development of the players that fall under their expertise. For example, all the defenders in your team would come under the defensive coach.

You can hire coaches based on your playstyle and their tactical visions. For example, coaches can harness various tactics such as Gegenpressing, Counter-Attack, Tiki-Taka, etc. This will speed up your development plans significantly and you will see results in no time.

Using the Development Plan menu

EA FC 24 tactical plans
You should play with the Tactical Visions to find the best one for you.

Once you have sorted the coaches and their responsibilities, it’s time to pick out a Development Plan in EA FC 24 Career Mode. You can navigate to the Squad option and select the right plans for each and every player.

The Development Plan menu will let you target your desired aspects of each and every player. For example, you can specifically target a striker’s shooting stats via the Development Plan menu if you want an increase there. In addition, you can also change a player’s position to a more compatible one with this option.

Keep in mind that this method is intertwined with the previous method of Training as your coaches will handle their development and determine how quickly they progress. Plus, it is the same as the previous two editions of the game, so this feature will be familiar to many players.

Sign young and promising players

Of course, a player’s development progress is dependent on their age and potential. If a young player’s potential is high enough and they are given enough game time, they can become world-class within a few years with the right training in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

EA FC 24 Career Mode
Taking care of your team’s development is the biggest aspect of Career Mode.

Send players out on loan

You can send certain players out on loan to make some space in your squad and also continue their development at the same time. Once their overalls are high enough, you can just call them back and slot them right into your team.

This is great for letting them enjoy some minutes on the field as well as develop into better players. Make sure that you negotiate with all the loan deals as sometimes clubs could want to add a transfer fee to buy them at the end of their loan period.

Look out for homegrown talents

Signing players into your team’s academy is a great way to ensure a bright future for your club as you will find some players with extremely high potential from time to time. Make sure to choose a great development plan for them or send them out on loan to make them develop fast.

This was everything you had to know about developing players fast in EA FC 24 Career Mode. For more on the game, check out our guides below:

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