How to get Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4: Affixes & unique effect

Souhardya Choudhury
Diablo 4 Necromancer

The Melted of Heart of Selig is one of the most powerful amulets in Diablo 4 as it’s an Uber Unique item. Here’s how to get it in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Uber Uniques such as the Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4 are some of the best ways of evolving your build and maximizing your damage and defense in Season 4. With Blizzard increasing drop rates for such items, target farming is more interesting than ever.

On that note, here’s how to get the Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4 Season 4.

Diablo 4: How to get Melted Heart of Selig

As the Melted Heart of Selig is an Uber Unique item in Diablo 4, the only way to get it is by competing in World Tier 4. Enemies of Level 85 and above tend to drop Uber Uniques, however, keep in mind that they have an immensely low drop rate.

With the presence of Uber bosses in Season 4, you can get the Melted Heart of Selig with some planned target farming as well. Uber Duriel and Andariel are two endgame bosses that drop Uber Uniques, so farming them repeatedly is a great way of getting this item as a drop.

But do note that it won’t likely be an easy task as even target-farming Uber bosses will take a long time. So if you really want Uber Uniques, make sure that you are prepared to grind for a considerable number of hours.

Diablo 4 boss Andariel, Maiden of Anguish.
Defeating Uber Duriel and Andariel is the best way to get this item.

Melted Heart of Selig Affixes & unique effect in Diablo 4

Here are the Affixes and the unique effect of the Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4:

  • All Stats boosted
  • Increased Core Skill Damage
  • Increased Damage While Healthy
  • Increased Resource Generation

Unique effect: Gain 60 maximum Resource. When taking damage, 75% is drained as 2 Resource for every 1% of Maximum Life you would have lost.

When to use Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4?

If your build heavily relies on your primary Resource in Diablo 4, like the Bone Spear Necromancer or Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian, the Melted Heart of Selig can be quite detrimental in that case, as it uses the Resource to generate a protective barrier around you.

However, Sorcerer builds, even though relying on Mana, can make use of this Uber Unique quite nicely as they need all the defensive boosts available, as this class suffers greatly from low HP. With endgame modes like The Pit being a grueling experience for low HP classes, an extra barrier can help a lot.

And there you have it, that was everything you needed to know about the Melted Heart of Selig in Diablo 4. If you are interested in more D4, here are some great BarbarianDruid, and Necromancer builds according to the current meta.