How to fix Seneschal Brazier quest in Diablo 4: Blizzard shares workaround

Emily Stander
A Seneschal Construct in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 currently has a bug in Season 3 where the Seneschal Brazier is broken, and Blizzard have said that they are currently looking into it. In the meantime, here is how players can work around the issue. 

Diablo 4’s Season 3 was released this week, and players wasted no time in jumping in to level their characters and explore the new content. One of the main additions in the new season is Seneschal’s, construct minions that act as pets for players. 

To upgrade their new pets, players need to place the Pearl of Warding into the fire of Seneschal Braziers. However, there is currently a bug that prevents players from upgrading at these Braziers. Players are unable to interact with the Brazier, which means they cannot progress the quest. 

Community Manager at Diablo, Marcus Kretz, posted on X (formerly Twitter) about the issue. “The issue is being investigated by the team, and players should attempt the workaround until the issue is fully resolved, we’ll update here once we have timing for the fix.” 

Here is how to fix the Seneschal Brazier bug in Diablo 4. 

How to fix the Seneschal Brazier bug in Diablo 4 

The Diablo 4 devs shared a method for fixing the Seneschal Brazier bug that involves logging out and teleporting. In the same post on X, Kretz explained how players can work around the bug for now: 

  • Use a teleport to exit the hub (Gatehall).
  • Log out of the game and log back in.
  • Exit through the back door back to the hub (Gatehall).

This, hopefully, will help players be able to interact with the Brazier and progress further into the quest. 

However, be warned that the fix is not working for everyone. “I tried all the workarounds. Still not working. Restarted game, relogged, teleported all the map then back. Walked out then walked back,” a player commented on the thread. 

As a result, players may need to be patient and wait for a fix from Blizzard. They haven’t specified when a fix is coming, but they are working on it. 

If you are experiencing any more issues in-game, you can check out our guide on to fix all the error codes, or you can check out our guide to leveling up fast while you wait for the fix.

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