How to unlock No Time to explain in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Hamza Khalid

The Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion pack has brought along some really exciting new content. This includes the ‘No Time to Explain’ pulse rifle from the original game. Here’s how you can acquire this exotic weapon.

Destiny veterans have something exciting to look forward to with the newest expansion pack. Beyond Light adds a plethora of new content, but one new weapon, in particular, is going to take players back to the original game.

The exotic pulse rifle known as No Time to Explain is making its way to Destiny 2 as a pre-order bonus.

This latest expansion will have players pack their snow gear and make your way to Europa. While exploring Jupiter’s freezing cold moon, you will have access to new subclasses and abilities that aid in your fight against the darkness. There will also be Season of the Hunt content available along with the return of the Exo Stranger from the original Destiny. The Variks from House Of Wolves will also be coming back for this expansion.

However, those two won’t be the only things making a comeback from the original game.

No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle

This exotic pulse rifle has two perks that make it unique. The first is that any precision hits against foes that are affected by Stasis will return ammo to the magazine. So if you’re a good shot then you’ll be rewarded with longer firing streaks.

The second perk is the creation of small orb that will start following you around upon stacking the first perk. This will deal damage to your enemies as you advance on them.

How to get No Time to Explain

The first method of obtaining No Time to Explain is by spending real money. You will have to purchase either the Digital Deluxe Edition ($69.99) or Stand Edition + Season Pass ($49.99) of Beyond Light. These will both come with the Stranger’s Weapon Pack that contains the exotic pulse rifle.

Once you have purchased either of these, you need to play through the entirety Beyond Light’s challenging campaign. Take out Eramis and go talk with the Exo Stranger at Beyond in order to obtain the No Time to Explain exotic pulse rifle. This will also start a new quest titled Soon.  

Getting The Exotic Catalyst

You must finish the Soon quest in order to unlock the exotic catalyst for No Time to Explain. Your objective will be to clear the BrayTech Exoscience building of any enemies while collecting schematics. There are 5 different schematics that you must find and bring to the Exo Stranger.

She will then task you with killing 60 Vex with the help of the No Time to Explain weapon. Finish them off and collect the catalyst as your prize for this quest. This will give your weapon a boosted rate of fire and will complement the exotic gun very well.

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