How to obtain Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exotic armor pieces

Hamza Khalid
Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

There are brand new pieces of Exotic Armor available in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, and you can unlock these for each of the three different in-game classes.

Destiny 2’s latest update has brought a plethora of new challenges, Strikes, Exotic Weapons, and much more. Bungie have also added three new Exotic armor pieces for you to collect in the Season of the Chosen.

There are three separate chest pieces for the different classes. Unfortunately, these are extremely rare, so you can’t just find them as loot in the middle of a game or purchase them from Xur. The only way to get them is to complete Lost Sectors.

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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

The three Exotic armor pieces provide some unique benefits to their own respective class, and these can be greatly beneficial when tackling the endgame content.

Here’s are all three new Exotics in Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen.

  • Cuirass of the Falling Star (Titan): Increased Thundercrash damage
  • Mantle of Battle Harmony (Warlock): Increases Super charge rate and damage for matching Subclass and Energy weapon element
  • Omnioculus (Hunter) – Grants an extra smoke bomb and bonuses to buff allies

There are Lost Sectors available for you to complete on Europa, the Moon, and the Cosmodrome. You can hover over them to see what rewards they offer, along with a special modifier known as “if solo” will let you win Exotics through master completions and Legend completions.

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Cuirass of the Falling Star in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Since these Lost Sector rewards rotate daily, you’ll have to wait until one of them previews the Exotic chest armor. That will be your opportunity to jump in and try to win it.

Due to the rarity of these Exotic armor pieces, the Lost Sectors that contain them will be high level, so you shouldn’t expect this to be a cakewalk. You’ll start with a few lives, and you can increase them by eliminating your enemies.

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Keep running through the Lost Sector until you can collect your Exotic armor piece. After which, you can switch to another class and try earning another piece. If you aren’t able to get it during your first try, the drops will come back in a few days.

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

However, if you don’t complete the Lost Sector within 15 minutes, you’ll lose all the extra lives that you have. This is why we recommend that you level up and keep your best gear on you before jumping into them.

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Legend Lost Sectors have a Power Level of 1300, while the Master Lost Sector has 1330. These will be insanely difficult to tackle, so hitting the 1310 max Power Level beforehand is your best bet. Luckily, we have a guide for that right here.

Image Credits: Bungie

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