How to get the Hammer of Proving & upgrade it in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Destiny 2 hammer of proving

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen has introduced a new weapon for players to get their hands on: The Hammer of Proving. Here’s how to get, charge, and upgrade it.

Season of the Chosen, the latest chapter in Destiny 2, has introduced more quests, a new season pass, and the new Hammer of Proving.

This new item will allow you to smash open chests at the end of Battlegrounds matches, gain Umbral Engrams, and recieve new upgrades.

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Here’s how to unlock, charge and upgrade the Hammer of Proving.

How to get the Hammer of Proving

To get the Hammer of Proving, first, you’ll need to complete the introductory mission. Upon launching Destiny 2 after the Season of the Chosen update, you’ll be queued into the new game mode: Battlegrounds.

Destiny 2 cutscene

Simply play through the introductory mission, and you’ll then be able to access the new social area: The H.E.L.M. While in the H.E.L.M, head to the War Table speak to Zavala, Crow, and Osiris to progress.

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To get the Hammer, you’ll need to complete the Challenger’s Proving quest and head back to the War Table. From here, you’ll be gifted the Hammer of Proving.

How to charge Hammer of Proving

Next, you’ll need to charge the Hammer of Proving with Cabal Gold. While the game confusingly states you need to have the Hammer equipped, it will always be equipped once it’s unlocked.

Cabal Gold is unlocked by doing almost everything in Season of the Chosen: playlist activities, Dungeons, or public events. We’d recommend doing Strikes as these will give you 14 Cabal Gold a piece.

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With your Cabal Gold, you can purchase a Medallion to insert into the Hammer. To do this:

  1. Go into the Quest Screen
  2. Highlight the Hammer of Proving
  3. Select ‘details’
  4. Click on the empty slot
  5. Purchase the Medallion with Cabal Gold

With the Medallion inserted, smash Trial Chests at the end of Battlegrounds missions to get one charge in the Hammer.

Take the charged Hammer to the H.E.L.M to gain Umbral Engrams to upgrade your character.

How to upgrade the Hammer of Proving

Destiny 2 War Table

To upgrade the Hammer of Proving, you’ll need to upgrade the War Table, which can be upgraded by earning War Table Reputation for completing weekly season challenges.

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Upgrading your Hammer will allow you to carry more charges. To keep upgrading the Hammer of Proving, you’ll need to continuously earn War Table Reputation. This will take time, so can expect to be doing this for the majority of the season.

Image Credit: Bungie / xHOUNDISHx