Destiny 2 Lightfall mission list: Every campaign mission & time to complete

Liam Mackay
Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign gameplay

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion has arrived, bringing Guardians to Neptune’s Neomuna for its brand-new campaign, and here’s a complete list of every mission and how long it’ll take to complete it.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is finally here, and there’s plenty of new content for Guardians to sink their teeth into. With Lightfall’s campaign bringing players to Neomuna, it’s important to grind through the campaign to unlock everything the new update has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to master the brand-new Strand subclass or take on the challenging Legendary difficulty, getting through Lightfall’s campaign will be a top priority. Here’s a list of every Destiny 2 Lightfall mission from the main campaign and how long it’ll take to complete.

All Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign missions

Here’s every Destiny 2 Lightfall mission in order:

  • First Contact
  • Under Siege
  • Downfall
  • Breakneck
  • On The Verge
  • No Time Left
  • Headlong
  • Desperate Measures

Destiny 2 Lightfall’s campaign features eight main missions for Guardians to progress through, but there are also a ton of side missions to complete as you go.

Guardians in Destiny 2 lightfall campaignDestiny 2’s Lightfall expansion brings eight missions.

How long to beat Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign?

With Destiny 2 Lightfall only featuring eight missions, it will take players roughly 5-8 hours to get through the campaign for the first time.

However, with the campaign also featuring a Legendary mode and containing a ton of rewards to earn, you’ll want to run through the campaign several times to get everything on offer. With new Exotic weapons and gear on offer, it could bring your playtime to well over 10 hours depending on how much of a completionist you are.

So don’t worry if you fly through the campaign in the first couple of days as there’s a ton of replayability and the Root of Nightmares Raid coming soon.

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Image Credit: Bungie

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