Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

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Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

Bungie has some new content planned for the Destiny 2 3.2.0 update, including various balance adjustments, so here’s what will be included in the next set of patch notes before the Season of the Splicer begins.

Destiny 2’s 14th season will bring plenty of new changes for fans to enjoy when it arrives on May 11. Before that happens, Bungie will release an update patch in which they’ll make various balance adjustments.

The Season of the Splicer will bring various new buffs and nerfs, the Vault of Glass Raid and World’s First race, and a new Exotic Pistol called the Cryosthesia 77k. There are even more changes in the 3.2.0 update.

Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

Destiny 2 3.2.0 update downtime

Background maintenance for Destiny 2’s new season is set to begin at 10 AM PT on May 10 and will continue for approximately four hours. During this time, players can still log in to the game and play.

However, Destiny 2 will briefly go offline at 9:45 AM PT on May 11 for additional maintenance, lasting until 11 AM PT. You can still download the update from 10 AM PT.

Balance adjustments

Stasis abilities will now come with colorblind support, which will make it much easier to locate Crystals and Duskfields. The Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks classes will all go through changes in the latest update.

The Hunters will get their Silence & Squall ability’s detonation radius nerfed from 12m to 8.5m. Titans will receive a buff that replenishes Shiver Strike melee energy when Glacial Quake ends. Additionally, Whisper of Torment will work more efficiently once the patch drops.

Finally, the Chaos Reach Super that Warlocks use won’t kill enemies through walls in Season of the Splicer, and the Bleak Watcher Aspect will grant two fragment slots.

destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments

  • Colorblind Support 
    • Stasis abilities now have colorblind support:
      • Enemy Crystals
      • Enemy Squall
      • Enemy Duskfield
      • Enemy Bleak Watcher
    • Player highlighting in the Crucible now has colorblind support.
  • Sublcass Tuning 
    • Hunters
      • The freeze detonation from Silence & Squall has been reduced from 12m to 8.5m in radius.
      • Enemy Squall now has a red ring to define area as it approaches.
    • Titans
      • Shiver Strike melee energy is now refunded when Glacial Quake ends.
      • Fixed an issue in which players can trigger Whisper of Torment by standing in an opponent’s Barricade.
    • Warlocks
      • Shadebinder
        • Bleak Watcher Aspect now grants two fragment slots.
      • Chaos Reach
        • Fixed an issue with Chaos Reach Super that was allowing it to penetrate some thin walls or objects enough to damage and kill opponents on the other side.

Nav Mode

  • Separated Bounties from Quests in Nav Mode.
  • All Bounties now appear in Nav Mode. They can no longer be tracked as a result.
  • Category switching on keyboard and mouse can now be controlled with the scroll wheel.
  • Tracked Triumph now appears in its own Nav Mode category.


  • Legends added to the Director Destinations tab.
    • This is where you’ll find Vault of Glass in just a few weeks…
  • Shortcut between HUD quest step notifications and quest details screen added for keyboard and mouse users.
  • 6v6 Crucible activities have an updated intro experience.
    • Cycle through your teammates to view metrics associated with the activity you’re entering.


  • H.E.L.M. now appears in the Director Destinations tab (moved from Tower map) and has its own map.
  • Focused Umbral Engrams and Prismatic Recaster
    • Umbral Engrams now auto-decrypt when Focused via the Prismatic Recaster.
    • The visual states for focusing options on the Prismatic Recaster have been streamlined to reduce visual clutter and confusion.
Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes

Glory, Valor, and Infamy

These changes are a precursor to some larger improvements planned for Season 15 (e.g., introducing Vanguard reputation, rebalancing Infamy to bring a reset in-line with Valor, and more).

  • Glory, Valor, and Infamy reputations have had their internal systems rebuilt to a unified implementation. In-game, players should expect minimal perceived changes.
    • Unified Glory, Valor, and Infamy rank reputation tracking.
      • Before Forsaken, Glory and Valor had only Major ranks (Guardian, Brave, etc.).
      • After Forsaken, Glory and Valor gained sub-ranks (Brave I, II, III) alongside Infamy. However, all the historical tracking (Lifetime Ranks) and quest usage still used the original Major ranks.
      • Now, the sub-ranks are now referred to simply as Ranks, and all usage has been converted to use them where appropriate. (I.e., all lifetime values and quest targets have been multiplied by three.)
    • Glory playlists no longer block Valor win streaks from declining.
    • The Valor badge now appears on the Trials launch screen.
    • Infamy win streak bonus is now linear (+35 points per win).
    • Glory win streak bonus is now linear (+20 points per win).
      • Note: With the eventual update to Vanguard reputation, players should be ready to spend their Vanguard Tokens during Season of the Splicer.


  • Eververse Archive Filtering
    • Players can now easily filter the offerings in the Storefront Archive tab.
    • Per numerous community requests, we added many Exotic weapon and armor ornaments from previous Seasons to the archive tab.
  • Bright Engrams
    • Spawn FX and Shaders are now standalone items in Bright Engrams.
      • Bright Engrams can no longer decrypt into duplicates of these items.
    • A small amount of Glimmer will be awarded when decrypting Bright Engrams.

Other changes

  • Momentum Control and Team Scorched have returned and will be available as part of the weekly playlist rotation.
  • Added repeatable bounties to Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome.
  • Fixed an issue causing Vaulted gear to erroneously drop from strike-unique loot lists.
  • Added a full suite of Trace Rifle-focused armor mods to the game.

That covers everything that’s coming in the Destiny 2 3.2.0 update patch notes. Season of the Splicer will include a World’s First race with more championship belts up for grabs for the winner and will be live on May 22, so stay tuned for updates!

Image Credits: Bungie

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