Deep Stone Crypt raid boss finally beaten solo in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Andrew Highton

The struggle has been real for many people trying to overcome Deep Stone Crypt with a Fireteam of six. But now the class is starting to shine through and Destiny streamer Slayerage has taken his Deep Stone Crypt game to the next level.

The buzz and hype for Beyond Light’s raid is still prevalent with many players still reveling in Bungie‘s latest test of extreme endurance and patience.

However, like with most Destiny 2 raids, people are starting to understand the mechanics of DSC inside out. As a result, solo efforts are now being made with the raid and Beyond Light’s final exam may not be able to hold onto its honor for much longer.

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deep stone crypt raid in destiny 2 beyond light

Now that Deep Stone Crypt has been out for a while, it means players have had time to fully learn the inner-workings of each encounter and understand how to do things more efficiently and quickly.

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That’s the perfect way of describing Slayerage‘s efforts to overcome Atraks-1 in Deep Stone Crypt. The boss fight is the first true test of the raid and it’s now lost its prestige of being unconquerable solo.

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On Slayerage’s aptly named YouTube channel – The Legend Himself – he has posted the 13-minute video of himself fighting Atraks-1 and their army of soldiers.

Slayerage fighting Atraks-1 in destiny 2 beyond light

The first minute or two are focused completely on taking out waves of enemies until the Servitors turn up. He soon heads into a pod and ascends into space and is inflicting damage to Atraks-1 within three minutes. It’s clear from the outset that Slayerage knows exactly what he needs to do as he’s very cerebral about everything he does.

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Burdening himself with the undertaking usually required of six people, there is lots of shifting to and from space to carry out the individual tasks. There’s barely a moment’s hesitation as he zips around the arenas knowing that speed and precision are key.

Eventually, it gets down to the final stage of the fight and Slayerage finally brings Atraks-1 to a humiliating end. Slayerage’s relief and joy are palpable at the very end.

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To see the full video, check it out below.

It’s extremely impressive and having the honor of being the world’s first in a Destiny raid is always something prestigious to retain forever.

It just poses the ultimate question, will he be able to fell Taniks, The Abomination too?

Image credits: Bungie, Slayerage

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