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Destiny 2 community: Stasis is broken in PVP

After the release of Beyond Light, Destiny 2 community members have voiced their concerns on the state of Stasis in the Crucible.



Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduced the first darkness-based subclass in the history of the franchise. While many players have praised Bungie for the addition of Stasis, others have expressed concerns on the mechanics of Stasis in the Crucible.

The game’s latest expansion released on November 10 with plenty of new content for players to explore. A new planetary zone, storylines, and weapons are now available for players to discover.

For many, the new Stasis subclasses are the most exciting piece of content introduced for Beyond Light. The new Titan Behemoth, Warlock Shadebinder, and Hunter Revenant provide players with new abilities, Aspects, and universal Fragments that offer never-before seen levels of customization.

Although these new subclasses have been praised by the community in the context of PVE, others have criticized the balancing of Stasis in the PVP portion of Destiny 2, the Crucible.

Many players have expressed frustration with the power of Stasis abilities in the Crucible. Credit: Bungie

Community frustrated with Stasis balancing

Although the new Stasis subclasses were an instant hit when freezing and exploding AI aliens, players quickly realized these abilities were another matter when facing off against other human players.

Many prominent content creators within the Destiny 2 community voiced their concerns with Stasis abilities in the Crucible just a few days after Beyond Light released.

Facebook streamer and longtime Destiny player Gothalion issued a tweet questioning how the new subclasses were allowed into the game with such poor balancing in PVP activities.

Another popular content creator, Gigz, agreed with Gothalion’s position, saying “100% agree. Blows my mind how some of these abilities perform”

Other Destiny 2 content creators echoed Gothalion’s thoughts on the topic. Popular Destiny 2 YouTuber Aztecross agreed that Stasis is not balanced properly in the Crucible, saying “Stasis is busted in PVP.”

While many players voiced their concerns with Stasis in the Crucible, others reacted with a more positive outlook, like YouTuber Mtashed, who pointed out the fact that balancing PVP and PVE can be almost impossible.

“I’d rather have crazy raids, guns, and abilities long term,” he said.

No updates on Stasis balancing

On November 12, the Bungie team confirmed via Twitter that the first weekend of Trials of Osiris in Beyond Light would be delayed until the weekend November 27.

While Bungie didn’t confirm this was due to Stasis balancing issues, many community members drew their own conclusions. Gothalion responded to the tweet, joking “Oh you guys played crucible then”, blaming the delay on the current balancing situation.

For now, it seems like players will just have to wait and see how Bungie addresses the concerns around Stasis balancing going forward.