Warzone players are still sleeping on Season 3’s meta Assault Rifle

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 mtz-556 in warzone firing range

Warzone’s meta is constantly evolving, but Season 3 has opened up a path for a slept-on AR to take the top spot.

Warzone Season 3 has blown the meta wide open, especially after the Renetti nerf in the April 10 update. Players have been scouring the game’s huge arsenal for the best primary weapon option, and Assault Rifles are always the pick of the bunch.

The MTZ-556 has been slept on recently, with the MCW and SVA 545 taking most of the AR limelight. The AR has a small search rate of 0.50% according to WZRanked, however, it’s become the best option in the category thanks to its extremely low recoil and fast fire rate, which makes it an incredibly versatile and reliable option.

Our best MTZ-556 loadout is packed with the best attachments, Perks, and Equipment you need to dominate with the slept-on AR in Warzone Season 3, especially on Rebirth Island.

The MTZ-556 dominates medium-ranged combat, and can even perform extremely well in close-quarters too thanks to its high fire rate. Even if you find yourself challenging someone from range, its low recoil allows you to hit your shots, even if the damage fall off is harder than other weapons in the AR category.

Popular Warzone content creator TheKoreanSavage feels the same way about the MTZ 556, as they have also credited the AR for being a top option in Warzone Season 3, as they even described it as the “best AR.”

In TheKoreanSavage’s Warzone MTZ-556 loadout, he praised the JAK Glassesless Optic for making the weapon’s recoil control “insane,” so we recommend using the optic to get the most out of this Assault Rifle.

You may see the MTZ-556 popping up more in lobbies for Warzone Season 3, so we certainly recommend giving it a go if you want to catch the wave early.

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