Unique Concept Finishes Work on Blackout’s Construction Site Over Time

Raginator23’s idea constructs a special new way of adding dynamic, world-changing content in incremental updates to Blackout’s Construction Site.

Black Ops 4’s popular Battle Royale mode, Blackout, contains a partly finished skyscraper and parking garage complex. It’s aptly called Construction Site and has become a fan-favorite landing zone due to its multi-layered combat and early game looting as well as long sightlines in all directions.

A user by the name of Raginator23 posted an interesting concept for Blackout’s popular landing zone, Construction Site.

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The suggestion would see the site, located next to Hijacked and Estates, slowly turn from a construction zone into a fully finished building.

As updates roll in, the building could see changes in filled-in walling, finished rooms, and paint put onto its current grey-scale drywall. Each bit added through small patches, piece by piece.

After some time, a zone once riddled with iron beams and construction cranes would become a seaside resort locale. The finished location would stand marvelously aside the beach, complete with its lobby, upper-level rooms, and driveway.

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Naturally, the name of the location would also required a quick-change to something more fitting.

The idea brings a unique way of updating the Blackout experience with step-by-step changes and without the need to add expansive new zones/towns.

Completely new areas take serious manpower from Treyarch to fully incorporate into the map without unbalancing the current flow of the game.

These incremental changes to Construction Site could help the game feel like a living product through reasonable content updates in between Treyarch’s title updates.

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