Treyarch explains why they haven’t made a standalone “Call of Duty Zombies” game

Treyarch’s Jason Blundell, in an interview with EuroGamer, stated that Treyarch does not have plans to make Call of Duty Zombies a standalone game. He stated that they want to offer multiple modes to allow flexibility and fans to pick which mode they want – including Zombies.

“We’ve got to cater for a lot of people,” Jason Blundell, director of campaign and Zombies for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, told Eurogamer.

“Sometimes you want to watch a movie and want to be engaged narratively on a concept. And then we have multiplayer – sometimes you just want to run around and have that high engagement experience. And sometimes you want to kill the undead – sometimes you want to play Zombies.

“We see by the numbers and how people engage with the game as a whole, people change that feeling. They’ll move between the different modes.”

As announced earlier this year, Treyarch has made it in Black Ops 3 that all three modes – campaign, multiplayer, and zombies are no longer different exe files.

“We’ve made a unified .exe for the first time, which means all three modes run from the same place,” Blundell explained.

“So when you party up, you can move between each one. There’s no unloading the .exe. In previous games you’d see it go to black and then it would come back up again. You can seamlessly move because now all three are online.”

Blundell elaborated further stating:

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“While it’s a lovely sentiment on the idea of breaking Zombies out into its own separate game, we see that people move between all three modes,” Blundell continued.

“And we’re always about giving as much content, as much value for money, as we possibly can. That’s why we pack our disc with as many game modes as we have currently.

“What started as being very much a bonus mode in Zombies has now become a third pillar. We have this massive campaign now. We’ve got the juggernaut, which is multiplayer. And now for the first time Zombies has taken off as being a full-on experience.

“It’s really about flexibility and variety of choice for the amount of people who buy our games.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer

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