Tips and tricks to dominate in Black Ops 4 Hardpoint

Tommi Turunen

Hardpoint has been a fan-favorite gamemode since Black Ops 2 and each year’s launch brings new maps on which to play it.

Hardpoint on its surface is a simple gamemode. Capture and hold the objective until it disappears, run to the next objective, hold, and repeat. However, this simplicity masks a much deeper game of cutting off enemy routes, rotation timings, and map control.

To help you out in your next Hardpoint match, let’s take a look at some general tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Hardpoint Rotations

Every Hardpoint map features a set rotation of hardpoints or “hills.” Each match the rotation of the hills remains the same and repeats until the time limit is reach or one team reaches 250 points/seconds. Below, you can see the hardpoint rotation for Slums. You can find additional rotation maps here.

It is important to gradually learn these rotations for each map as getting to the hardpoint first can mean all the difference. For example, if you are losing by 30 points, but the current hardpoint only has 15 seconds remaining, you can begin to rotate to the next hardpoint.

This will allow you setup for the enemy’s attempt to retake the hardpoint from you. If you setup well, you may be able to grab 40 to 50 points from just one hardpoint and take the lead.

Hardpoint Spawns & Objective Control

Properly controlling a hardpoint is just as important as getting there in the first place. Managing spawns and enemy waves means having to think a few steps ahead of the competition.

Spawn points in Hardpoint are determined by player positioning. When your team is holding a hardpoint close to one end of a map, check to make sure one teammate remains in the spawn. This player is generally called an “Anchor” and serves as a block to prevent enemies from spawning behind you and your team.

Once you have the spawns in check, it is time to think about the enemies pushing towards your hill (or about your push towards the enemy hill).

While the immediate instinct is to stand firm at the hardpoint as a full team, it is more advisable to have a few members of the team push out slightly. This creates a buffer zone that helps with mitigating enemy pushes.

Vice-versa, when pushing enemy hills, you should be careful on the way there. Check corners, alleys, rooftops, and nooks for enemies attempting to dwindle down your numbers. It’s quite hard to break into a hardpoint with only two players remaining.

Playing for Scrap Time

Now that we’ve gone over the general strategy of rotating and controlling the Hardpoint landscape, let’s talk about “scrap time.”

Scrap Time is the points you might be able to get from the very end of the 60 second hardpoint (15 seconds and less).

Sometimes, when in the lead, it becomes in your best interest to not rotate to the next hardpoint with your full team. Leaving one or two players behind to the draining hill can net you some of this “scrap time.” This comes in handy when you are winning by a big margin and the enemy cannot risk leaving you to steal away even a few points.

With these simple tips, you may be able to improve your Hardpoint gameplay by a significant amount. If you are struggling with subpar teammates, try to hop into game chat or invite them to a party. Teach them some of the tips you’ve learned here and you’ll both end up with a better Black Ops 4 experience.

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