RUMOR: List of weapons, maps, and additional War content in WWII discovered in PC beta files

Users on Reddit have found a list of weapons, maps, and more via the game files inside of the Call of Duty: WWII PC Open Beta.

We do caution that the list is not the final list of all of the features in the game as of now and anything is subject to change and can change before launch. Sledgehammer Games’ Co-Studio Head Michael Condrey issued a statement last night about the zombies and MP leaks and shared first images of the London Docks MP map and Gridiron mode.

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Here is what was posted by a user on Reddit, found in the beta files:

MP Maps (13 maps found in files): 

  • Aachen: Urban warfare in the Battle of Aachen. Long range gameplay down the dangerous streets mixed with up-close engagements through war-torn structures.
  • U-Turn
  • Pointe du Hoc: D-Day landing site with tight gameplay spaces. Bunkers and trenches create intense close-range battles.
  • Flak Tower: German Flak Tower overlooking the skies above Berlin. Frenetic, close-range battles from end to end.
  • Ardennes Forest: Battle around a German encampment and vehicle convoy in the snow-covered Ardennes Forest during Battle of the Bulge. Fast-paced short to medium range engagements.
  • Gibraltar: Cliff-side fortifications atop the Rock of Gibraltar. Intense stand-off battles in the center with vertical combat opportunities to the flanks.
  • “Wolfs Lair” (name not final): Deep in the Prussian Masurian woods lies Hitler’s Eastern Front military headquarters.
  • Sainte Marie du Mont: Furious battle across a war-torn French village. Features multiple high-intensity combat scenarios involving short and medium range gameplay.
  • Gustav Cannon
  • Carentan
  • USS Texas
  • London Docks
  • Paris


  • Assault
    • M1941
    • M1 Garand
    • STG44
    • M1A1 Carbine
    • FG42
    • BAR
  • SMG
    • PPSh-41
    • Type 100
    • MP28
    • Grease Gun
    • Thompson
    • MP40
  • LMG
    • Lewis
    • MG15
    • Bren
    • MG42
  • Sniper
    • Lee Enfield
    • Karabin
    • M1903 Springfield
    • Commonwealth
    • Kar98k
    • SVT40
  • Shotgun
    • Walther Toggle Action
    • Winchester 1897
    • M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
    • Winchester Model 21
  • Pistol
    • P-08 Luger
    • M1911
    • Machine Pistol
    • M712
  • Launcher
    • M1 Bazooka
    • Panzerschreck
  • Melee
    • Shovel

War Mode (we want to note that SHG has not announced the final number of War maps that will be available in WWII at launch. The following listed below is what was shared on Reddit. Please keep that in mind): 

  • “Operation Aachen”
    • Advance to the trainyard and capture the train.
    • Halt the allied advance to the trainyard. Stop them from capturing the train.
    • Gather explosive ordnance and wire it to the streetcar.
    • Stop the allies from stealing explosive ordnance.
    • Use the emplaced anti-tank guns to take out that King Tiger tank.
    • Defend the King Tiger tank by capturing the emplaced anti-tank guns.
    • Capture the train before it leaves the station.
    • Stop the allies from capturing the train before it leaves the station.
  • “Operation Griffin”
    • Advance across the bridge to break the allied front line.
    • Stop the enemy from advancing across the bridge to break the front line.
    • Escort 2 of the 3 tanks into allied territory.
    • Stop 2 of 3 tanks from pushing into allied territory.
    • Push into the allied fuel dump and gather fuel for our tanks.
    • Stop the enemy from stealing our fuel for their tanks.
    • Secure the bridge before it is destroyed.
    • Halt the enemy advance until we can destroy the bridge.
  • “Operation Breakout” (already announced War mode map)
    • Destroy the Axis flak cannons targeting Allied bombers.
    • Defend the Axis flak cannons targeting Allied bombers.
    • Disrupt Axis comms by capturing the forward observation post.
    • Defend Axis comms by holding the forward observation post.
    • Construct a vital river crossing for Allied armor to advance.
    • Prevent Allied forces from constructing a bridge for Allied armor to advance.
    • Destroy the Axis ammunition depot with emplaced explosives.
    • Defend the ammunition depot from being destroyed by Allied forces.
    • Escort armored support into position against Axis AA guns.
    • Halt the Allied armored support from reaching AA guns.
  • “Operation Neptune”
    • Capture the two cliff-side bunkers.
    • Escort the engineer to the 155mm Artillery Gun.
    • Defend against the German Counter-offensive.


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