Possible Solution to Concussion Grenades in Blackout

Tommi Turunen

Concussions grenades have become a contested issue in Blackout due to their wide stun radius, long duration, and superior throw range.

Recently, concussion or “stun” grenades have stirred discussion over the effectiveness of the item in Blackout. The stun grenade boasts a long 7-second stun along with great throw range.

Another key aspect of the grenade’s “overpowered” nature is its ability to apply the full stun effect to the player at any range in its radius. This means that if the player is at the outer edge of the stun’s radius as it pops, the player will still be stunned for the full duration.

The mechanic creates a near-impossible situation for players wanting to get away from the stun. There is no middle ground and the only “counter” to the grenade is found in the form of the Reinforced perk. However, the perk can be difficult to find and will not come into play in most gameplay situations.

Professional Call of Duty Player, Clayster, tweeted out a fan’s idea to help mitigate the problem of stuns in Blackout.

The concept seeks to take out two birds with a single stone. Both armor and stun grenade issues could be alleviated with the change.

The idea would add a benefit to the currently lackluster level 1 Armor by giving it a stun resistance trait. Naturally, the strength of the resistance should be quite strong as the counterweight of level 3 Armor is an alluring second choice.

This solution would not only bring the stun grenades’ threat down to a reasonable level, but also give players a more nuanced choice in armor looting. The current armor system simply works so that each tier is better than the last, but it lacks the strategic depth offered by the addition.

Treyarch has recent stated that they do not want to remove stun grenades from Blackout, but are actively looking for ways to improve the item’s gameplay. This community suggestion may be just the thing they are looking for.