Outbreak Zombies players list changes they want in Vanguard

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Outbreak has been a big success for Black Ops Cold War, but CoD players have discussed what changes they would make to the Zombies game mode going forward in Vanguard.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 proceed to be a groundbreaking season for the franchise as Treyarch introduced the new Outbreak mode. Deviating from the norm of shorter, round-based waves of Zombies, Outbreak provided huge maps to explore.

It’s had several more map expansions since its release, it’s added a Main Quest Easter Egg, the Operation Excision Easter Egg, and more. Despite the rip-roaring success it’s been for Zombies, players have taken to Reddit to air their thoughts on how the mode could be bettered, particularly Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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Nothing’s perfect, and players feel that Outbreak could do with two or three neat little adjustments to enhance their experience even further.

The Call of Duty: Zombies Reddit post was titled “What changes would you like to see if Outbreak returns in Zombies?”

The top comment said: “Ultimately more zombies. Currently, the maps are huge, but not enough zombies,” another user agreed saying: “100% what I think it’s missing.

“Those gaps between zombie spawns are the bigger issue than the amount of them. Outbreak is so bad solo because it spawns like 100 zombies per region.”

Plenty of other comments also agreed that the number of Zombies could do with a bump, and another top comment said: “Personally hoping for maps that feel like they were actually invaded by zombies with more destructible environments. Also would be nice if the maps were smaller and faster-paced.”

Another popular thought was that CoD could borrow the horde concept from Days Gone. The 2019 survival-horror game featured fear-inducing moments where a tightly-packed horde featuring tons of Zombies would chase you: “I’ve always enjoyed fighting the horde in Days Gone. Wish CoD Zombies would get something on that scale if they also upgrade the engine to allow it.”

Finally, players feel the locations themselves could do with some variety and become a bit more adventurous. Cold War’s Outbreak maps are used in the game’s Fireteam mode, and as such, need to be realistic.

One player thinks that “a map on a giant jungle island with a volcano and caves / Shangri La style would be glorious.” If Vanguard’s Outbreak was given its own dedicated mode and content, then it could easily feature some weird and wacky maps.

With Zombies confirmed for Call of Duty: Vanguard, and Treyarch heading the game’s Zombies content, there’s every chance that Outbreak could return.

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