Operation Shamrock & Awe now live in Modern Warfare Remastered through April 3

Keshav Bhat

All new content has arrived in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered! Operation Shamrock & Awe, the new content drop, is available in Modern Warfare Remastered on PS4, Xbox One, and PC with the latest patch update 1.10 till April 3.

This event features brand new exclusive themed loot for this event, including over 20 new items.

Free Supply Drop Weekly:

With Operation Shamrock & Awe, players can get a free supply drop every week from now through April 3 by logging in weekly to the game. The Supply Drop does not stack — so be sure to open it as soon as you receive it. Log in each week by Sunday at 11:59PM PT to get your one free drop!

Daybreak Bonus Map:

Raven Software has re-imagined the “Downpour” map from the game as Daybreak — a day map without the Rain. This map is available for free for all players and is available in-game through April 3. In addition, Raven has activated a 24/7 Daybreak playlists with limited time themed challenges in the game. The challenges in this map unlock Shamrockin’ “Folium” and the rainbowtized “Prism” bonus camos.

Graves Bonus:

An addiitonal bonus as part of the Shamrock and Awe Operation: Raven has added “three new themed collections will provide you with St. Patrick’s Day theme reticles, camos, calling cards, and emblems.” If you complete the three collections, you can actually play as Graves in MP as a playable character!


SOURCE: Activision

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