“Odin Strike” is similar to MOAB, earned by ‘Field order’ though


There is NO NUKE (that we know of yet) in Call of Duty Ghosts. But don’t take our word for it, heres what Infinity Ward’s Tina has to say…

…it’s an event only on strike zone that you earn by being the first person to complete a field order.

…you can only earn it once in strike zone

…and field orders are randomized; not always easy to pull off.

…field order completions give you random killstreak care packages and refill your ammo. If a map has a DME that utilizes a…

…killstreak as on strikezone, you can only earn it once.

…only on strikezone.


Watch tejbz call in the first ever “Odin Strike” in game:

Other perspective and commentary by TmarTN:


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