New video from Drift0r compares Blackout Beta on PS4 Pro vs. PS4

Keshav Bhat

As the Blackout Beta has been live on PlayStation 4 for the last few days, many fans have noticed that one of the most surprising things about the mode is how smooth it runs, especially on the OG PS4, in terms of frame rate. The game has been consistent in holding a frame rate throughout the experience thus far.

One of the things, however, also noticed is the graphical difference that exists between the PS4 Pro and PS4 in Blackout. Drift0r has shared in a new video how big of the difference it is:

The video showcases the fact that the game runs at 1080p on PS4 Pro versus 900p on the standard PS4, giving PS4 Pro a graphical advantage as the system can run upscaled 4k games.

Drift0r also points out during his video that the audio in the PS4 Pro version is also better — giving players a better understanding of their surroundings.