New Message Unlocked on -UPDATE(8)

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Image was dark but has been “enhanced” by @Macrox25

*Same image as yesterday (4/29) however clear version was unlocked 4/30.

4/28/12 Unlock: (Previously an image)

4/27/12 Unlock:

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Its first flight occurred on April 4th 2009. Unlike the previous MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper (Predator B) drones, the Avenger is powered by a turbofan engine, and its design includes stealth features such as internal weapons storage, and an “S” shaped exhaust for reduced heat and radar signature. The Avenger will support the same weapons as the MQ-9 Reaper.


UPDATE: Yesterday’s animation has been changed to a video and includes voice:

April 26th Unlock:

The newest teaser image on has gone live but what does it mean?.. And is there a hidden message while it scrolls?

Let us know in the comments section what you think it means and we’ll update the post if we hear anything credible..

UPDATE: Yesterday’s code has been changed! According to @Telixion, the code are coordinates that point to the Los Angeles Staples Center where the NBA playoffs will be.

April 25th Unlock:

These teasers keep getting interesting. An all new animated image has gone live. This image is just many numbers/letters that keep changing. We already tried to see if it was a location, and came up with nothing. We will keep decoding and keep you posted.

UPDATE: Here’s one theory from CoDzForums:


April 24th Unlock:


According to @Oldarobot, in Roman history theres a reference to Tactitus and how he saw an eclipse, “Soon after the death of Augustus, Tacitus mentions a lunar eclipse, which has been identified with the eclipse of September 27, 14 CE.” Also Tacitus in Latin means “secret”. In a strange coincidence earlier today, became active today minutes after tweeted the image. Unfortunately, there is a lot of evidence piled up that suggest the web site is NOT part of a viral marketing campaign..

SOURCE: Via @ItsYouTubeDude

And minutes before the “TACITUS” logo was revealed on we received an exclusive image of one of their “products”:


*Click for Hi-Res. SOURCE: @PrestigeIsKey


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