New details about Advanced Warfare’s Exo-Survival Co-Op mode

Keshav Bhat

IGN has posted a new video covering the Exo-Survival mode alongside Michael Condrey and have also posted an in-depth article talking about the new mode. We’ve summarized the new details below.

  • It supports 1-4 players, including two player split screen
  • Similar to MW3, you play on the multiplayer maps
  • You unlock new tiers and maps through playtime
  • How to unlock each tier? complete 35 rounds (doesn’t have to be in one sitting) to unlock Tier 2, 75 rounds to get Tier 3, and 100 rounds to unlock tier 4.
  • Exo-Surivial has random objective based rounds, where you have to collect intel off of dead corpses. If you successfully retrieve it, then you earn an extra upgrade. But, there’s also a penalty for failing. If you fail, there’s a penalty. Sometimes a “system hack” kicks in, where your screen goes blurry for a period of time, or sentry guns are dropped in and shot at you for a whole round.
  • There’s three classes: Light (faster loadout, but less power), Heavy (slower), and Special (between Light and Heavy)
  • At the end of each round, you get the chance to upgrade your character “post-round upgrades”. You earn points by defeating enemies and completing objectives. To use your points, you have to go to an upgrade station and spend points upgrading exo. There’s an Armory Upgrade to upgrade your weaponry.
  • On the HUD, there’s a support bar; if you fill it up, then you earn support drops
  • Highest round an developer at SHGames has reached is 65 rounds
  • Has a revive mode where you can revive a downed team mate
  • Character progression is persistent
  • Supports matchmaking or private lobby play


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