New Advanced Warfare MP info leaks out from stream

Keshav Bhat

User ‘anfuny29’ has been streaming for quite a while now and a lot of new information has been revealed from his stream.

Here’s the break down posted by users on Reddit:

  • ARX-160 is 3-round burst
  • MP11 has the same reload animation as the CBJMS from Ghosts.
  • In exo survival, there are “Objective rounds” where you have a mission, similar to extinction. However, if you don’t complete this mission, it punishes you.
  • The default pistol in exo survival seems very powerful.
  • Enemies can use exo abilities.
  • The EM1 Quantum looks to be very good up close, but very bad at a distance.
  • Camo unlocks are similar to BO2.
  • There is tons of customizability in private matches.
  • You can put a SNIPER SCOPE on the railgun pistol.
  • Exo stim allows you to survive two sniper shots.
  • The thermal scope is a rectangle when scoped in.
  • Same bomb sound as MW3
  • The bomb is a circle.
  • The exo smash thing blows up cars.
  • the MK14 looks very good, possibly overpowered.
  • The SAC3 (Vector akimbo) has a very slow fire rate, about the same as a remington r5.
  • system hack lasts approx. 20 seconds
  • i dont know what causes it, but every once in a while i hear the sound of a heartbeat sensor. I assume its when you have the satellite in uplink.
  • exo shield is pulled out fully instantly. 1 frame.
  • You can put a stock on snipers
  • NA45 sniper has a 2 bullet mag, is a two shot kill
  • default infected weapon is the bulldog again.
  • Bulldog seems to be 90% copy paste from Ghosts.
  • there are point blank medals
  • The map Greenband looks like a maze
  • “Toggle lockdown mode” in for LMGs
  • the Esports playlist consists of Hardpoint, Uplink, SND, CTF, and Momentum.
  • S12 is fully auto
  • Camos seem much harder to earn. Examples being earn 500 long shots, and 50 bloodthirstys.
  • Riot is LOCKED in exo survival. You must complete 100 rounds in each tier of Exo Survival to unlock it.
  • you can be shot while entering the goliath.
  • AMR9 is a 5-round burst SMG
  • MP443 Grach is fully auto

SOURCE: CoDAW Reddit via u/WiseMoose

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