MW3 players divided over “useless” High Alert Perk

Joseph Pascoulis
mw3 player using l/d detector on rust

MW3 players are split, as some feel the new High Alert Perk is “useless” and in need of a buff, while others are happy with its rework.

There are many Perks to choose from in MW3, as Sledgehammer Games reworked the system into Vests, Gloves, Boots, and Gear, which all offer different and unique gameplay advantages.

Using the best Perks possible in all of these slots is vital to success, but some feel one Gear Perk that’s inspired by the extremely popular High Alert needs a buff.

Reddit user ‘Stinger86’ put a post in the MW3 subreddit titled, “L/R Detector Sucks & Needs a Buff.” The L/R Detector is essentially MW3’s High Alert Perk, but it’s been changed significantly.

The Gear Perk flashes the bottom of the screen red and provides an audio cue when an enemy is pointing their laser or thermal scope in the user’s direction.

This gives the player an indication of when an enemy with these attachments is looking in their direction. However, as explained by the OP, unlike High Alert, this indication does not work “when people look at you with normal red dots or non-thermal scopes,” which they feel makes it “utterly useless about 80% of the time.”

For this reason, the player feels it “needs a buff,” but others disagree in the comments. One user replied, “Perk is working as intended, they wanted to nerf High Alert into the ground and they succeeded.”

Another agreed, “I think it is good because if it would work as OP wants the covert sneakers would be useless because every camper would use high alert.”

That said, some comments are in agreement with the OP, “I agree, I don’t bother using the LR. High Alert was insanely good for getting snuck up on I do miss that.”

The MW3 community is split on the L/R Detector Perk, as some feel High Alert was too powerful, while others feel the new iteration of the popular Perk makes it “useless.”

With Season 1 of MW3 inbound, many balance changes will likely be coming, so who knows, perhaps the L/R Detector will get some changes. High Alert is also very popular in Warzone, so we’ll have to see if it remains or takes on its MW3 L/R Detector overhaul.

For now, check out all of the rank progression unlocks in Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer.

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