Last Month’s Leaked Multiplayer Screenshot was Real? -UPDATE

Form your own opinion.. We were quick to dismiss this “leaked MP screenshot” back in April but now we’re not so sure. Internet Detective @TheRealAkimbro quickly noticed that the font used in today’s trailer was very-very similar to the font used in last months leaked screenshot.

The font is NOT used in any previous Call of Duty game so it doesn’t really seem like a coincidence. However, the objective markers have changed in the trailer which means this could have been an old screenshot. Let us know what you think in the comments section..

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Remember guys, multiplayer is still 6 months away and theres no telling how old this image is. Lots could have been changed and we’re sure there’s lots more polish to be done.

UPDATE1: @IamMichaell noticed another similarity with today’s exclusive Machinima Video:

UPDATE2: MP1st noticed a matching H.U.D. in an exclusive video by CVG:

SOURCE: @TheRealAkimbro

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