Here’s a list of all of the weapons/equipment revealed thus far for Call of Duty: WWII

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Here’s a list of all of the weapons revealed so far for Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer. The weapons listed below were the weapons/equipment available for use at E3, alongside weapons that have been revealed on Call of Duty’s website.

  • Primary Weapons:
    • M1 Garand (Rifle)
    • BAR (Rifle)
    • STG 44 (Rifle)
    • M1928 (SMG)
    • Grease Gun (SMG)
    • MP-40 (SMG)
    • Lewis (LMG)
    • MG15 (LMG)
    • M1903 (Sniper)
    • Kar98k (Sniper)
    • Winchester 1897 (Shotgun)
    • Toggle Action (Shotgun)
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • 1911 (Pistol)
    • Luger (Pistol)
    • US Shovel (Melee)
    • M1 Bazooka (Rocket Launcher)
    • Panzerschreck (Rocket Launcher)
    • M712 (Pistol)
    • Ice Pick (melee weapon)
  • Equipment:
    • Mk 2 Fragmentation (Frag Grenade)
    • M18 Smoke Grenade
    • N 74 ST (Sticky Bomb)
    • Tabun Gas Grenade (Poisonous Gas)
    • Bouncing Betty
    • British N 69 (Concussion Grenade)

The final game will most definitely have more than how many were able at E3.

Images via Call of Duty site

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