Ghosts reportedly confirmed to run at 720p for Xbox One

Keshav Bhat

Xbox One version of Ghosts will run at 720p according to the newest rumor from a former IGN editor, and now a current editor at his own site. Jermey Conrad has said that the embargo to put up Ghosts review for Xbox One has been delayed till Nov. 12th. However, all other versions can have their reviews up on Nov 5th. We haven’t been able to directly confirm this, but it appears to be true.

Jermey is claiming that Microsoft purposely delaying the review is due to the quality being lesser of the PS4 version. Ghosts and BF4 will be running at 720p on Xbox One, but Ghosts on PS4 is at 1080p, which isn’t good for Microsoft.

The original user who reported that Xbox One is at 720p on NeoGAF has posted a lengthy post on his own site:

Days have passed and I’ve heard it from many sources now. This is no longer something I consider flimsy. If it’s not true I will be shocked at this point because the sources are that strong (I will also lose all credibility – that’s not something I’m oblivious to). Though, there is a wrinkle to it that I didn’t know about during the initial rumor… Activision is very hard at work trying to up the resolution. Whether this comes as a day one patch, or a day 100 patch, or what… I don’t know. It does point to Microsoft’s tools being behind more-so than just a huge power gap (the gap does exist but the XB1 is powerful enough to run this game at 1080p, clearly). The point is that Activision is still working very hard on it. As such they aren’t talking about it. Microsoft isn’t talking about it. The press isn’t allowed to talk about it. It’s a forbidden topic.

You can read his post here, which talks a lot about why it’s “confirmed” to him.

What’s even more interesting is that a Forbes editor, Eirk Kain, just tweeted out that MSFT’s Albert Penello isn’t allowed to know the resolution either.

UPDATE: David Abrams tweeted this:

UPDATE 3: The embargo of the review for Xbox One games has just been confirmed via BF4 reviews. Seems to confirm 720p for Ghosts as well, as it lines up with other information gathered here.

SOURCE: Furious Fanboys

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