GameStop shares new ad highlighting Black Ops 4 Divinity Signature Weapon Pre-order Bonus

Keshav Bhat

GameStop has shared a new ad highlighting their exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 pre-order bonus, the Divinity Signature Weapon. The pre-order bonus is the ability to use the Divinity Signature weapon on Day 1. And because you have the base Divinity Signature weapon on Day 1, you can work towards the Divine Justice — the mastercraft version of the weapon — with in-game challenges.

Fight with angels on your side. Unlock the Divine Justice by completing in-game challenges with the Divinity, available day 1. Only at GameStop. Power to the Players.

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Treyarch announced details on the Signature Weapons back in August, revealing that these are cosmetic only variants of base weapons in MP that feature new looks. Every weapon has its signature weapons, and the signature weapons’ can be upgraded with challenges and more in-game.

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