Full damage guide for all weapons in Blackout – TTK, range, head/ body shots, and much more!


Ever wonder what the strongest gun in Blackout is? We have you covered with a full damage guide for each weapon.

The guide, which was created by Reddit user ‘relaxitsjustagame,’ breaks down the stats for all ballistic weapons featured in Blackout.

This includes six assault rifles, six submachine guns, three tactical rifles, three light machine guns, four sniper rifles, three pistols, and two shotguns – all of which can be found scattered across the Blackout map.

Information on the weapons includes, but is not limited to, body and head damage, the minimum and maximum bullets to kill, the min and max time to kill, bullets per second, and more.

With long lines-of-sight, statistics for weapon range are incredibly important when engaging enemy players. Four different ranges – base, 50 meters, 100 meters, and 200 meters – are detailed in the guide.

Blackout is the first Battle Royale mode in CoD history.

All of the information, including TTK, can be viewed in the in-depth spreadsheet below!

Blackout weapon damage guide (Range, TTK, Armor, Trauma, Body/Head, etc)

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