New details on your team in Infinite Warfare’s campaign revealed

Keshav Bhat

GameInformer has revealed the first details about each of the crew members that you will play alongside with in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign mode.


Players in the game will play as Reyes, who starts off as a Lieutenant in-game and gets promoted to the Captain position. In a first for Call of Duty, Reyes is the leader of the crew — which makes all the decisions you make in Infinite Warfare incredibly important.

Admiral Raines 

Raines plays a mentor role to Reyes in Infinite Warfare. The catastrophe of the Geneva attack has left Raines stuck in combat on the ground after the SDF attack. According to GameInformer, while you get advice from Raines, you will not see him in battles often.

Sergeant Omar 

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare_Omar

Sergeant Omar is played by David Harewood. Omar has a personal vengeance against the Settlement Defense Front, as his family was personally effected by their attacks. Although Reyes and Omar do not see eye-to-eye throughout the game, Omar is all about getting missions done, and always has your back in-game.

Lieutenant Salter: 

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare_Salter

Salter and Reyes are very close friends in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. They worked together in SCARS, and although Salter has some issues adjusting to Reyes being in command, they both are able to work together to get things done.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare_ETH.3n

Lastly, there’s ETH.3n, Enhanced Tactical Humanoid 3rd Revision. This is the robot that you saw in the Ship Assault Gameplay video. ETH.3n is programmed to have more human empathy and is able to bring a sense of humor and intelligence to the team.

SOURCE: GameInformer

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