Dr Disrespect says Advanced Warfare 2 is perfect for battle royale & he’s down to design maps

Liam Mackay
Dr Disrespect discussing an advanced warfare 2 battle royale

After some unverified rumors claimed that Sledgehammer Games are developing Advanced Warfare 2 for 2025, Dr Disrespect weighed in, explaining how it’d be perfect for battle royale and that’d he’d return to develop maps.

While Guy Beahm, aka Dr Disrespect, is best known as the mulleted, mustachioed ‘Two-Time’ streamer, he was a game developer for Sledgehammer Games’ Advanced Warfare. After being the community manager, Doc became a Level Designer, helping to create maps such as Solar, Ascend, Sideshow, and Quarantine.

Dr Disrespect has now launched his own studio Midnight Society, developing a ‘vertical extraction shooter’ called DEADROP. While streaming is still where his heart lies he hasn’t been impressed with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 so far.

Instead, following the debunked rumors that Sledgehammer Games are developing a sequel to Advanced Warfare for CoD 2025, Doc said how it’d be the perfect setting for battle royale and that he’d return to design maps.

Following the rumors, Dr Disrespect jumped back into Advanced Warfare to check out to get a feel for the game again in an October 5 stream.

“How sick of a battle royale map can you make for this game with these type of mechanics,” he pondered while running through his Ascend map. “Just imagine what an Advanced Warfare 2 battle royale experience could be like.”

Timestamp 28:07

“I think because the movement’s so athletic and fluid like this, I think you’d see more dense areas … that were designed for the mechanics.” Using Verdansk’s Downtown as an example, he’d design the area to be more “dense,” with more flexibility, ramps, and verticality.

“If the rumors are true, I’d be down,” he continued. “I think a player mechanic change like that will feel really good and refreshing for the franchise because I think they need it.”

He also said he’d be down to design maps for Advanced Warfare again: “if the flip-phone rang and they said, ‘do you want to design a map,’ I’d be all for it.”

“I’d be open to designing a map, doing a cool fiction, whatever,” he explained, but wouldn’t design another clown map like Sideshow.

While admitting the game felt smooth, Doc has previously called Modern Warfare 2 “uninspiring” and blasted its skill-based matchmaking.

Image Credit: Dr Disrespect

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