Black Ops 3 DEBATE: Is that an Exo-suit, Armor, or Cybernetic Enhancements?


After the teaser went live, there was still no confirmation on which time period the next Call of Duty would be in. The safest bet was that it would be a direct sequel to Black Ops 2 and take place near the year 2025 (when the original took place) which was still often referred to as a “near future” setting. However, a couple hours went by and the main Black Ops 3 key art and description was leaked were it was made clear that Black Ops 3 might be even further in the future than most thought.

Now, all the buzz and chatter in the community is centered around the soldiers suit and appearance. Unlike past Call of Duty title where it was very clear what kind of gear the soldier had on, now its a very hot topic debate, mainly because of the brightness and quality of the photo and the fact that it was leaked before any details of the game have been revealed.

We can tell you that after monitoring all the social media feeds and reading all the comments in the latest articles, the vast majority immediately assumed it was an exo-suit, in turn, everyone automatically assumed the gameplay would be identical to Advanced Warfare… We don’t fall in that category.

It is our opinion, based on how it looks and based on the leaked description of the game, that the soldier is “cybernetically enhanced”. It’s similar in the sense that it’s an enhanced soldier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its going to play like Advanced Warfare. In fact, we’ve heard the opposite. If recent rumors and leaks are to be believed (and they’ve been pretty accurate so far), the game will be focused more on wall running than double jumping and still have familiar Call of Duty fast based gameplay.

That still doesn’t settle the “Future vs. WWII” argument. It’s pretty clear Black Ops 3 is taking the future route, but this isn’t a followup to Advanced Warfare in any way. This will be Treyarch’s take on future robotic warfare….


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