Best class setups & tips for the ICR-7 in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Tommi Turunen

The ICR quickly became the long range AR player’s weapon of choice in Black Ops 4 due it’s flinch reduction, minimal recoil, and ample damage.

Every gun in Black Ops 4 has its own unique signature due to limits or additions in attachments. This is why it is beneficial to know each and every gun’s weaknesses and strengths to truly get the most out of them. In this guide, TheXclusiveAce helps us show some of the important features of the ICR.

You can check out the full video on TheXclusiveAce’s channel with more details & stats. Embed and link can be found at the bottom of the article.

The ICR’s damage profile/range of 37-29 damage per bullet puts it quite high in the listings. Additionally, the weapon shoots at an average 600rpm and kills in 5-6 shots, depending on the range.

According to Xclusive’s calculations, this puts the Time to Kill (TTK) at around 400-500 milliseconds. Of course, these stats portray the ideal scenario of hitting every shot. This can be easier said than done against Stock 2 strafing SMGs.

Due to its limited movement speeds compared to SMGs and no Stock option, the ICR is best used from stationary firing positions. For example, rotating to the next hardpoint first with an ICR is a risky ask due to the chance of getting caught out by the Maddox or Saug.

Instead, plan on arriving to the hardpoint/other objective zone as the enemy sets up for a push. Find yourselves a piece of cover with a sightline towards the direction you believe the enemies are coming from and wait for the enemies to come to you. This minimizes the ICR’s inherent disadvantages and plays directly into its advantages.

The above weaknesses are compounded by the fact that the ICR has a mediocre hip-fire profile. Unlike the ADS strafe speed, this can be modified and buffed through the use of laser sight. The attachment will force you to sacrifice a perk or another attachment, but can help out if you are struggling on smaller maps.

The ideal class setups for the ICR revolve around three central attachments. The Red Dot Sight, Grip I, and Grip II. This trio will get you through most situations due to the gun’s high damage per bullet and the double grips’ effects of reducing both recoil and flinch.

In addition to the golden trio, you might want to invest in another attachment for extra utility. One option is the laser sight as stated before, but the more viable/well-rounded option comes in the form of Quickdraw. The ICR’s hipfire is dodgy at best and the best results are delivered while aiming down the sights.

As such, Quickdraw will allow you to ADS as soon as possible after you are done surveying the area for hostiles.

In terms of perks, the ICR’s stationary nature puts it at high vulnerability to grenades and other explosives. As such, Flak Jacket is a highly recommended option.

While Gungho lets you pop out of sprint faster by 80ms, Dexerity is the go to second perk for practically all situations. This is due to the near instant ability to slide cancel by ADS’ing with Dexerity. The slide cancel is much faster than the sprint cancel even with Gung-ho.

Dead Silence fits the ICR better than Ghost in the third perk slot due to ICR players generally standing still. Ghost only works while you are sprinting in Black Ops 4 and you will want to refrain from sprinting as much as possible with the ICR.

An alternative setup forgoes the Quickdraw with a second Perk 2. Lightweight increases movement speed while sprinting. As stated above, sprinting can be a risky business with the ICR, but with Lightweight the benefits might just outweigh the costs.

Due to the increased speed, the Lightweight class can reach rotation spots and bomb sites in Hardpoint and S&D more quickly than opponents. This allows you to setup for attacks from the enemy much earlier. Use this class if you seeing yourself fall behind the competition’s speed.

That’s it for this weapon guide. Thank you to TheXclusiveAce for providing detailed information about the gun’s stats. Below is a link to the full video:

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