Advanced Warfare now set to unlock digitally at 12am ET on both PSN & Xbox One on Nov. 3rd; West Coast gets 3hrs early

Keshav Bhat

It appears Sony and Microsoft have updated their listing for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on their respective stores stating that Advanced Warfare will now unlock at 12am Eastern Standard Time, when previously it states 12am Pacific Time.

For PSN gamers, the unlock time is 12am ET for both PS4 and PS3. For Xbox, it appears the 12:01 ET available time will be limited to Xbox One only.

Reports from Reddit state that Advanced Warfare’s listing on PSN Store for those living on the West Coast says the game unlocks on “11/2/2014.”

West Coast players who go digital get an advantage as the game is set to unlock 3 hours earlier compared to midnight local launch time.

For regions outside of North America, the game will unlock at midnight local time.

SOURCE: Xbox One Store & PlayStation Store

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