Advanced Supply Drop purchasing limit removed on Xbox One and Xbox 360 – UPDATE

Keshav Bhat

UPDATE: According to Activision Support, Advanced Supply Drops will be temporarily unavailable on Xbox 360 as they work on removing the purchasing limit.

Players on Xbox One can now buy as many Advanced Supply Drops as they’d like; Sledgehammer Games and Activision have now officially removed the purchasing limit on all the bundles that are available the in-game store.

Each Advanced Supply Drop includes:

  • Three items.
  • At least one weapon variant.
  • At least one Professional rarity item or better.
  • All items come with their own Armory slot; all items can be redeemed for XP.

Bundles currently available:

  • One Advanced Supply Drop for $1.99 USD
  • Three Advanced Supply Drops for $5.99 USD (nine total items).
  • Five Advanced Supply Drops plus one bonus Advanced Supply Drop for $9.99 USD (18 total items)
  • 10 Advanced Supply Drops plus three bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $19.99 USD (39 total items)
  • 20 Advanced Supply Drops plus eight bonus Advanced Supply Drops for $39.99 USD (84 total items)

Advanced Supply Drops can be purchased via the in-game store or on Xbox Live Marketplace. We’ll update as we get more information on when other platforms’ purchasing limit will be removed.

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