ZLaner’s $50k Certified Banger Warzone tournament: How to watch, schedules, teams

Hamza Khalid
ZLaner $50k tournament promo

Professional Warzone star Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane is hosting a new tournament with a $50,000 prize pool, and here’s everything you need to know about it, including how to watch the event.

Warzone tournaments are always fun to watch, as various professional players compete against each other for an impressive prize pool. The Code Red Women of Warzone event was the last one in August.

Zlaner is putting together his own custome trios tournament with Activision and Facebook in September. This guide will cover everything from the event stream to the different teams and players.

ZLaner $50k Certified Banger stream and schedule

warzone characters facing camera

The tournament is scheduled for Friday, September 3, and the first matches are set to start at approximately 11am PST (2pm EST/7pm BST). The event will probably be active for most of the day.

You can catch Zlaner’s own stream of the tournament on Facebook page when the matches go live. Alternatively, you could check out the competitors’ respective streams on Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube Gaming.

There will be at least one Facebook streamer in every team going live for the tournament, and this is a clever way to generate interest in this format.

ZLaner $50k Certified Banger format

A total of 6 trios games will be played throughout the day, with every team’s top 5 games being counted towards the final score. The $50,000 prize pool will be given to the best performing teams.

ZLaner also posted an early version of the tournament’s ruleset. There are various restrictions, such as Dead Silence perk being banned along with various weapon types like launchers and loadout shotguns.

There will also be placement multipliers, and other match rules. These may be updated before the tournament goes live.

ZLaner $50k Certified Banger teams

At the time of writing, the teams and players for the tournament have not been announced, but we’ll most likely find out about them soon. Once they’re confirmed, we’ll be sure to udpate this piece with that information.

Be sure to check out ZLaner’s $50k Certified Banger tournament when it goes live, and stay locked to Charlie INTEL for more Warzone. Also, check out our hub on the next Cold War & Warzone Double XP event.

Image credits: Activision