YouTuber JGOD exposes a new way to ‘stim glitch’ in CoD Warzone

Nicholas Sakadelis

YouTuber JGOD has called for changes to Warzone due to the various exploits players are using to abuse the stim shots.

In a game as difficult as CoD: Warzone, competitive integrity and balancing are always important to maintain the exciting gameplay for all players. Unfortunately, Warzone has been prone to a glitch on several occasions that have destroyed the fun of the game for some.

Coined the “stim glitch,” players have been abusing this glitch for months each time a new strategy is found. As of writing, the stim glitch has resurfaced a total of three times, and now is in the game yet again, but not as a “glitch.”

In a video posted by JGOD, he details the new strategy to survive the gas and get “unlimited stims” in a way that doesn’t involve cheating. All you need to do is collect money as a squad (around $50,000), then sit at a buy station, spam buy ammo crates, and then use them to restock stim shots.

While doing this, you also need to continually pick-up the ammo crates on the ground, to ensure they don’t despawn. Additionally, having restock equipped is also a huge help. Since this is completely done without a glitch, it technically isn’t cheating.

To combat this, JGOD has recommended two potential fixes to the developers. The first of which is to despawn all items 30 seconds after it enters the gas, which currently seems to be at a 2-minute timer.

The second solution would be the most effective for all stim glitches, which is to simply kill a player who is in the gas for too long. If the damage grows exponentially, players will eventually take 100+ damage in one hit, taking them out of the game.

This would be the best solution because it would essentially fix all future stim glitch exploits. Hopefully, developer Raven Software deploys a patch soon for this game-breaking issue.

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