Where to find Krampus in Warzone Pacific Caldera: Festive Fervor challenge location

Liam Mackay
Warzone Krampus Operator skin

Krampus, the monster who scares naughty children in European folklore, has come to Caldera for the Festive Fervor event. Warzone players will be tasked with hunting him down, so here’s how to find him.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will be celebrating the Holidays with the Festive Fervor event, bringing plenty of jolly updates to both games. But among the Holiday cheer comes Krampus, the European folklore monster that scares naughty children at Christmas time.

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He’ll also be hunting down Operators in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera, and you can take him on for some rewards and complete the Festive Fervor challenges.

How to find Krampus in Warzone Pacific Caldera

Krampus in Vanguard Warzone Festive Fervor event

Rather than you trying to find Krampus, Krampus will be the one hunting you. Call of Duty devs revealed that Krampus will track down those who have received coal from Holiday Crates.

If you’re selected as Krampus’ prey, “This mythical creature will take three minutes to complete his hunt before he disappears for his next target, or he’ll be killed and give out a special permanent reward for the squad that faces his wrath.”

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So it’s up to you if you want to hide from Krampus or take him on. But if you want to complete the Festive Fervor challenges, you’ll need to deal 365 points of damage to him, which is roughly enough bullets to kill two enemies.

How to collect coal in Warzone: Holiday Crate locations

Warzone Pacific Festive Fir Tree

Festive Fir Trees will spawn around Caldera during the Festive Fervor event, and this is where you can find the Holiday Crates that drop coal to “Operators on the naughty list.”

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Luckily, these Fir Trees will be marked on the map so you’ll know exactly where to find them. Players just need to stay inside the Fir Tree’s zone for a short period of time, causing “Supply Boxes to magically appear” which include the Holiday Crates that contain Legendary items, limited-time rewards, and of course, coal.

Collect enough of this coal and you’ll become the Krampus’ target, which is a sure-fire way of finding him in Caldera.

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Warzone Pacific Festive Fervor Krampus rewards

Warzone Festive Fervor rewards

Raven Software haven’t revealed the rewards you’ll receive for defeating Krampus, but confirmed it’s a “special permanent reward” so will likely be a Weapon Blueprint, Charm, or Calling Card.

We’ll be sure to update you once the Krampus rewards have been revealed.

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Image Credit: Activision

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