Warzone’s STG-44 has finally been replaced as game’s #1 gun

Liam Mackay
Warzone NZ-41 assault rifle against Rebirth Island

The STG44 has been the most popular gun in Warzone for almost the entirety of Season 3, but another incredibly powerful Assault Rifle has taken its place as we approach Season 4.

Warzone’s list of most popular weapons is ever-changing but has become extremely Vanguard-based over the course of Season 3. Weapons such as the STG-44, Owen Gun, and MP-40 have all dominated the season, but another Assault Rifle has now become the most popular.

The NZ-41 was an extremely underused Assault Rifle thanks to its low bullet velocity and erratic recoil pattern. Now, however, it’s become the most popular in Warzone, finally overtaking the fan-favorite STG-44.

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NZ-41 Assault Rifle in Warzone

Warzone’s June 2 update slightly nerfed the STG and gave the NZ-41 some major buffs where it now has barely any recoil, and its popularity has been climbing ever since. Thanks to WZ Ranked, we can see that the NZ-41’s popularity steadily caught up before finally taking over the STG on June 20.

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It’s not just in overall popularity that the NZ-41 wins out either, as both its overall K/D ratio and win rate are higher than the STG. The NZ-41 now has the third-highest win rate in Warzone, coming in behind the powerful H4 Blixen SMG and Combat Shield, and the second-highest K/D ratio.

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Most popular weapons in Warzone list from WZ Ranked

With these stats, it’s clear that the NZ-41 is the Assault Rifle you need if you’re looking to dominate the rest of Season 3 and the new Rebirth Exfiltration playlist that makes way for Fortune’s Keep. Be sure to check out our NZ-41 loadout with no recoil.

With the NZ-41’s high stats, it’s likely that it will receive some nerfs in June 22’s Season 4 update, with the LOR Mk1 Burst barrel that players can toggle to full-auto being the most likely target.

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Image Credit: Activision

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