Warzone’s “pay-to-win” invisible skin bug returns after January 5 update

Hamza Khalid
Wraith in Warzone

Warzone’s January 5 patch brought a fix for the infamous “pay-to-win” invisible skin bug, but a few players have reported encountering it again even after the update.

Warzone received its first update of 2022 on January 5. This brought a few changes and fixes for some of the bugs that have been plaguing the game, including the controversial invisible skin glitch.

This problem was ruining the Awoken Francis skin in Caldera, and players labeled it as “pay-to-win.” While the update was meant to fix this glitch, fans have reported seeing it on another Operator skin.

Wraith Operator skin in Warzone

Reddit user ‘andrewkbmx’ was playing through a Quads game in Warzone and noticed a floating head on Caldera. This time, the invisibility bug was hiding the Wraith Operator skin equipped by another player.

Only the head, neck, and weapons were visible in-game. This character joined the game through the Season 3 Battle Pass back in April 2021. Now, various lobbies have shown this skin disappearing.

Other players reported encountering the same issue. “The same skin was invisible like this in a match I played,” commented one user. “I think it’s a bugged skin as well which not a lot of people know about.”

However, it was still possible to shoot at the invisible parts of the skin and deal damage. So, you can score kills, but it will be a bit more challenging when the bug hides the target from plain view.

At the time of writing, we don’t know exactly how widespread this issue is. Raven Software might currently be unaware of this new glitch as it’s not listed on the official Warzone Trello board.

We’ll keep checking for any more developments regarding the return of the invisibility glitch in Warzone. If the developers respond to the issue and implement a fix, we’ll be sure to update you.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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