Warzone’s ‘new Roze’ skin brings back game-breaking “pay-to-win” invisibility glitch

Warzone Night Terror skin going invisible in Caldera

Warzone players were worried that the Night Terror skin would become the ‘new Roze,’ being impossible to spot in dark corners. It’s likely much worse, with the Night Terror skin going completely invisible.

Invisible skins were a real issue back when Warzone Pacific first arrived, with the Season 1 Battle Pass‘ Awoken Frances skin becoming completely invisible past 30 meters. The issue returned several times, but it was fixed for good back in February.

Warzone players were worried that the Night Terror skin would be impossible to spot in dark corners, but it looks like they can’t see it in broad daylight either as this game-breaking invisibility glitch has returned.

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Night Terror Skin in Warzone and Vanguard

The Violet Stealth Pack’s Night Terror skin arrived ahead of Warzone’s June 30 update, costing $20 and bringing an MP40 and 2400 CoD Points. This almost completely black skin was quickly called the ‘new Roze‘ or ‘Roze 3.0,’ but it could be even worse.

YouTuber Mr Fishy McFish quickly spotted the issue, discovering that the goes completely invisible at around 50 meters. As we can see in the video embedded below, the skin fails to render between 50 and 60 meters.

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Timestamp: 2:29

The YouTuber did clarify that it’s not as bad as the Awoken skin because its invisibility comes and goes, but you can still be caught out if standing at the wrong distance.

It didn’t take long for Warzone players to call the skin pay to win for both its dark color and the fact it goes invisible. After Call of Duty news account ModernWarzone shared the clip, user ‘stegenite’ said there are now “pay to win gunfights,” and another claimed, “this game is more pay to win than ever.”

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It’s worth bearing in mind that this could just be a new map glitch that arrived with Season 4’s Caldera and might not be specific to the skin itself. We’ll just need to wait and see whether this issue becomes more widespread.

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Image Credit: Activision