Warzone’s glitched “one-way” railings are giving players unfair deaths

Hamza Khalid
Glitched stair railings in Warzone

There’s a strange bug plaguing Call of Duty: Warzone, and it’s preventing players from shooting through stair railings at certain positions while giving their enemies an unfair advantage during combat.

Warzone’s Season 4 Reloaded update brought various changes to the game, including weapon buffs and nerfs, a new Sentry Gun killstreak, and the new OTs 9 SMG. However, it also brought a new problem.

Most major updates often bring a few bugs with them, and a new glitch has been discovered in Verdansk. This is keeping players from shooting through stair railings, but it doesn’t seem to apply to their foes at the bottom of the stairs.

Firing through railings in Warzone

Reddit user Academic_Pirate highlighted this bug in the CoD: Warzone subreddit. It showcased the player shooting at his opponent through the railings, and the enemy was firing back from the bottom of the stairs.

The odd thing was that the player’s shots were seemingly not doing any damage to the enemy. Despite this, the opponent’s bullets were able to beam through the railing and take the player down.

This bug gives players an unfair advantage when they’re standing at the bottom of a staircase, as they can fire through the railings without fear of getting damaged.

Many of the commenters pointed out that this doesn’t make much sense, and poked fun at what just happened. A few other users pointed out that other problems like this have always existed within Warzone.

“You can shoot through some fences,” wrote one user. “But not all fences, and sometimes only one way. This also applies to drywall, concrete, wood, tarps, and air.” Another player humorously referred to it as a “one-way handrail.”

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Image credits: Activision / Raven Software