Warzone’s cargo train is a deadly, glitched trampoline

Andrew Highton
cod warzone train

Verdansk’s train has long been a popular landing spot for eager players keen to stock up on cash and weapons quickly. But hopefuls need to be wary of a potentially game-ending glitch that can kill players on it.

A murder on the Verdansk express took place recently as one player’s deadly experience with the sought-after train did the rounds on Reddit. The transport houses lots of supply chests, even red ones, which are perfect for hoarding and looting.

You can easily walk away with a big score if you’re first there and can get away safely. But escaping seems to be harder than originally thought as the train appears to get angry with intruders.

cod warzone train station

The beauty of the train is that it’s very high risk to board and loot, but it’s also jam-packed with rewards to buy Warzone’s best loadouts. Though, as Reddit user ProbGonna found out, there are even hidden, glitched risks too.

Their video started off as innocently and undisturbed as possible with the player and their partner in control of the train. Presumably, our player tried to make their way to their partner, when the unthinkable happened.

They took a misstep and fell between the two carriages, instantly getting downed. But there was a half-second where you couldn’t actually tell what happened next.

What had actually occurred was that ProbGonna had been bounced up into the air a solid 50ft before plummeting to the ground below, dying instantly of course.

“Never riding the train again” was the apt name for the post’s title, and it’s fair to say that upon seeing this footage, players will be far more cautious about maneuvering on the train.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software

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