Warzone’s “broken” melee system is dealing zero damage to enemies

Matt Porter
Vanguard Sawtooth Melee Weapon

In the heat of the moment, Warzone’s melee system can be the difference between victory and defeat in the battle royale. Unfortunately, it appears this ability is completely broken, with players begging Raven Software for a fix.

Warzone Pacific‘s arrival has introduced some major changes to the game, from the new map to additional weapons like the Cooper Carbine.

Unfortunately, this massive patch has introduced some issues too. The biggest of all these is with the game’s melee system, which is completely broken in its current state.

While fans were calling for it to be nerfed in August 2021, this isn’t quite what players were hoping for. As things stand, it’s impossible to get any kills by hitting enemies with your gun at all, a pretty big problem that is costing players’ wins.

Sawtooth Melee weapon in Warzone

Since the patch dropped, videos have been popping up on the official Warzone subreddit, showing just how bad things have gotten.

In one, user ‘chrisssf’ attempted to bash an enemy over the head with a pistol eight times, before he finally reloaded his gun and shot him.

User ‘Substantial-Quarter4’ had a similar issue, sneaking up behind an enemy who was reviving their teammate. Unfortunately for him, his broken melee ended up costing his team their “first Caldera win,” as he got downed in gas and eliminated.

Obviously, this is incredibly frustrating for everyone, as using the melee system can often save you from elimination, especially if you’ve run out of ammo.

Raven Software have yet to acknowledge this issue, but hopefully, they will address it as quickly as possible. The devs dropped a Warzone update on December 19 with weapon balancing changes, and it’s unknown if we will say any more patches before the holiday season.

Image Credits: Raven Software

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