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Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Warzone players desperate for melee to be nerfed

Players of Call of Duty: Warzone are once again calling for Raven Software to nerf the game’s melee system as they feel it’s too strong.



warzone melee attack

Call of Duty: Warzone players are once again calling for the melee system to be nerfed, criticizing its high damage and “ridiculous” melee lunge.

There is all manner of ways for combatants to eliminate each other in a game of Warzone, with Unreal Assault Rifles, thrown devices, and even making the most of mega-helpful Perks.

But another tool in the arsenal, if you can get close enough, is the brute force of repeated melee attacks. Powerful strikes with the hands or the butt of a gun can take down an opponent in only a few quick blows.

Despite repeated calls from Warzone players for the melee attack to be nerfed, it continues to be left unadjusted, and a new Warzone Reddit post has exemplified players’ frustration with melee.

warzone operator with mace

The post on the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit doesn’t hold back with its complaint as it is quite blatantly titled: “Please Please PLEASE Nerf Melee.”

It seems the main reason for this latest appeal to the devs is because of a video showing just how quickly and deadly it can be.

In the OP’s video, we saw them investigating the cells in Rebirth Island’s Prison building when they stumbled across an enemy player.

Before our player had even fully turned around to fire their MAC-10, they were pretty much dead before thanks to quick-fire melee strikes. It took 3 melee hits to completely down the player, despite the fact that the player had full health and armor. The melee lunge pretty much locked onto our player, in essence giving a huge aim assist bonus making it hard to miss.

This led to agreement in the comments concerning the state of melee in the game: “Melee lunge is ridiculous.” Another user also said: “The most infuriating part is the INCONSISTENCY. 90% of the time it takes me 3 hits + I get zero lunge, but I get 2-hit ALL THE TIME.

As we’ve said, there have been different examples of the melee attack function being broken, including hitting people through walls. It might be something that Raven Software is looking at for Warzone concerning future updates.

Also, check out the full details of the recent 1.41 update in Warzone.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software